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Bolivia offers visitors many different ways to discover her cities, nature and ecological zones, which all make the perfect recipe for a wide variety of tastes, sights and smells, to delight the senses. Whether that be trying out the local Andean or Amazonian produce, Singani or wine-tasting, sampling the mouth-watering range of fruit and vegetables, or sampling the different varieties of meat products, are just some of the options available. The experience doesn’t stop there! What about the stunning mountains, ice caps, high altitude deserts, volcanos, hot springs, lush jungles and luminous lakes? This is a country with a wide range of geographical diversity that also boasts many animal and plant species, from the altiplano to the Amazon basin! Bolivia is an incredible country to explore all of your senses to the full and experience the true essence of what nature has to offer!

Special features of our Explore your senses Tour: 

Type of Tourism: Culinary, Cultural, mountains, Nature and Ecotourism, Geographical and Historical.

Places to Visit: Santa Cruz, Uyuni salt flats, Sucre, dinosaur footprints, Potosi gold mining town, La Paz, Lake Titicaca.

Duration: 14 Days and 13 Nights. 

Type of Service: some tours are small group service tours and other tours are private. 

Accommodation: 3 star hotels at every destination that you will visit. These hotels had been carefully chosen and we can guarantee that you will feel comfortable and pampered. 


Arrive in the city of Santa Cruz (400 metres elevation). This warm jungle city in the Bolivian Amazon region, full of tradition. At noon, and keeping with Bolivian tradition, we will enjoy a delicious “Camba” buffet lunch! The locals of this region are known as Cambas, a Guaraní word for “friend” and this is represented in their delicious, traditional cuisine. The buffet includes a lot of local delicacies such as cheesy rice, plantains, cassava, baked beef and beans. After lunch, we will take a short to...

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    After a traditional, tropical breakfast, made from the local selection of fruits, we will fly to the capital city of Sucre found at 2500 metres elevation. Our comfortable and charming hotel has a museum attached and each room is an individual treasure trove of local history. For lunch, the most important meal for Bolivians, we will try out a selection of different regional dishes: spicy dishes, chicken, pork ribs and corn, with beef and pork sausages. In the afternoon, we will explore the city, visiting the House of Liberty where Bol...

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      After a well- earned rest, we will then head on to Potosí, the UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity city. The Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain) watches over the city of Potosí, where once,  millions of dollars worth of silver was mined and shipped out to Spain, during colonial times. The mine remains open, with silver and other minerals still being mined. Our traditional cuisine of the day includes “Kalapurka” (beef soup w...

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        After breakfast, we will head off for Uyuni along an adventurous road, surrounded by vicuñas, colourful landscapes and quinoa fields. After 3 hours (approx), we will arrive in Uyuni, the home of the world’s largest salt flats. On arrival, we can settle into our suite with wonderful views over the glittering white salt flats. We will be able to sample a number of different local dishes, accompanied by traditional Bolivian drinks and watch the sunset over the white sea of salt, with a hot drink and local pastries.

          In the morning, we will explore Fish Island, so-named because of its shape when viewed from the middle of the salt flats. From here we can appreciate a panoramic view of the surrounding salty scenery. We will then continue on our way, to see the pools (The eyes of the salt flats), salt stacks and natural wildlife, within this truly unique landscape. We then head on towards the Tunupa Volcano, the so-called “guardian” of the salt flats, to have lunch and explore more stunning landscapes. After a long day on the flats, we w...

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            Today, we will set out early to return to Potosí and continue on to “Valle de Los Cintis” in Camargo. This is the home of Bolivia’s national drink “singani”. Singani is a brandy, distilled from white Muscat grapes and is a one of a kind experience! This variety of grape was brought over by the Spanish conquistadores to be eaten originally. Later it was used to make communion wine and became part of the traditional diet of the colonials. Singani was born from the need to go to battle in the extreme...

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              Today, is another early start, to explore the region’s most important hacienda, look out over the immense vineyards and watch the singani preparation process. Despite being made from grapes, Bolivia’s national drink is completely different from Peruvian pisco or Italian grappa. In the afternoon, we will hike to the Uruquilla hill to look at the archaeological remains and cave paintings. Local gastronomy consists of oven-baked pork, goat, home-produced cheeses, hams, different fruits, and jams made from figs, plums, peache...

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                In the morning, after a breakfast of wines, cheeses and fruits along with stunning southern landscapes, we will head to Villa Abecia, a small village on the banks of the Rio Grande, to learn a little about its local traditions before we carry on to Tarija, the wine capital of Bolivia.


                  Tarija is famous for its high-altitude wines. Vineyards cover 2490 hectares of Bolivia and 80% of these, can be found in the valley of Tarija. These vineyards make up part of the stunningly colourful landscape. The wine barrels are made from leather, oak or American oak, which have helped Bolivian wine to win different international competitions for wine production. The erosion of the soil in the area improves the wine’s texture and taste. We will visit industrial wine factories to taste different types of wine along with home-...

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                    After a scrumptious breakfast of plums, figs, grapes, lucuma and other local fruits, we will explore the private reserves, before taking a walk around the city to marvel at its main historical sights, related to the Spanish conquest and palaeontology.

                      We will take an early flight to La Paz and on route, we can savour the local street food of “salteñas”, which are small pastries filled with juicy beef or chicken and vegetables… eaten as a pre-lunch snack.  We will have a free afternoon to acclimatize, relax and enjoy the city.

                        After breakfast, we will discover the wide range of traditional markets of La Paz; with its array of colours, textures and flavours, typical of the city. This will help us discover the essence of this eclectic city, located at a whopping altitude of 3600 metres. We will take the cable car for spectacular views over the city and join in an Aymara ceremony to thank the Mother Earth. In the evening, we will explore local ingredients with a twist at Gustu, the restaurant of the world-renowned chef Claus Meyer. Here, we will enjoy exquisi...

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                          We kick-off the day early, with a thick, hearty and hot corn drink called “api” accompanied with a fried pastry, stuffed with cheese and topped with icing sugar, called a buñuelo, before heading off for Lake Titicaca. This spectacular route follows the mountains and snowcaps and includes a fabulous view of the Andes. On the shores of Lake Titicaca lies the small town of Copacabana where Bolivians and Peruvians flock to worship the Virgin of Copacabana. We can climb to the Stations of the Cross and visit Inca sites ...

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                            We will depart by boat to the Island of the Sun while eating Andean snacks and appreciating the stunning views on the way to visit the Islands of the Sun and Moon and their distinctive Inca sites. Later in the afternoon, we will head on to your next destination whether that be Puno in Peru or returning to La Paz.  

                              WHAT'S INCLUDED

                              • All the tours include private transportation  
                              • 01 vehicle 4X4 in Uyuni for the 4 passengers  
                              • Snacks and cocktails on the different moments of the programme.  
                              • Meals according to the programme in the case of Uyuni the food is prepare for our local team.  
                              • Bilingual Guide and Responsible driver  
                              • Overnight in selected Hotels in double or twin rooms.  
                              • Entrance fee to all attractions.  
                              • Assistance for our local team in all the tour.  

                              WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED

                              • International and national flights
                              • Late or early check-in /check out
                              • Travel Insurance
                              • Personal items /spending money
                              • Travel Insurance
                              • Tips and gratuities

                              Trip Preparation & FAQS

                              You can check our safety protocols in the following link:

                              We do not include travel or health insurance and we strongly recommend a comprehensive travel insurance for any unexpected circumstances. This is not obligatory, however. An full travel insurance policy that covers cancellations and delays as well as medical insurance.

                              We suggest that you speak with your doctor to ensure that you are up-to-date with the recommended vaccinations when traveling to the destination. In any case, a negative Coronavirus Molecular Test (PCR) is needed to enter the country.

                              We suggest that you speak with your doctor to ensure what medications you will need to bring to the destination. Pharmacies and drugstores are common in all cities, however, it is not certain that you will be able to find a specific drug that you can find in your country of origin.

                              As in any city in the world, there can be pickpockets in crowded places. We suggest being vigilant at all times, but if you are in a group you will always be safer.

                              We do not include the cost of any domestic or international flight in any of our programs. These services must be booked independently by each guest.

                              Yes, hotels will charge the cost of a double room as standard, so a single supplement will be charged if you are traveling alone.

                              VA Expeditions is supported by Valencia Travel, a company with more than 12 years of foundation with a solid financial position. We have insurance from the insurance company La Positiva, that supports us and protects our guests from any eventuality at the destination, covering our guests for more than 5 million US dollars.

                              Each trip is customizable, but there may be additional restrictions and expenses in each case. We suggest contacting your sales representative for more information.

                              Yes, in addition to multi-day programs, we offer half-day experiences and excursions without overnight, which you can purchase as additional services. In case you wish to purchase one of these services, you can ask your guide, the transfer representative or your sales representative to provide you with the support you need.

                              Yes, you can add additional or optional services to your regular tour. We appreciate contacting your sales representative for any changes you wish to make.

                              Yes, you can travel with children and we have many activities to do as a family, however, depending on your itinerary, some experiences can be a bit demanding for young children. As a recommendation, we suggest that you ask your sales consultant if the tour you wish to book is suitable for children.

                              We work with a maximum group size of 12 passengers for sustainability reasons and a more personaized experience.

                              We suggest making your reservations at least one month before your trip in order to reserve the best hotels, transportation and services for your travel dates, however, in last minute cases, we can reserve up to 15 days in advance.

                              We suggest consulting with your embassy to review any documents, tests or special visa you need for your trip.

                              The official currency in Bolivia is the Boliviano (BOB). In large cities there is a good chance that you will find ATMs or ATMs, however, we suggest that you do not rely entirely on this solution, as it may not be enabled to work with your bank.

                              Yes, we cater for all special dietary requirements. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any allergies or special dietary needs.

                              As a sustainable travel company, we are in constant search of how we can improve the sustainability of our operations, that is why we carry out the following activities to generate a fair and sustainable development in our areas of operation: https://boliviamilenaria.com/sustainable-travel/

                              Tips are not included in the cost of the tour. You should plan to tip 10% in restaurants and for your guided services, however, tipping is never required.

                              Cultural norms vary within each Latin American country, even within each city within the country, however, we recommend the following measures to have a pleasant visit in each destination: Latin American culture in general tends to be closer and more informal than in others cultures, so there is usually always a friendly approach in all conversations, and going directly to the point could be considered offensive to some people. Personal space can be much shorter as well, but without being interpreted as sexual in nature. 

                              The schedules are also usually more relaxed and informal, however, this is not the case of VA EXPEDITIONS, since we will always respect the hours indicated in your itinerary. This may be different for other appointments that you can book on your own at other locations.

                              This depends on each itinerary, and will be indicated in the detail of the day. However, our itineraries always usually include free times to offer more flexibility to our guests. 

                              For any emergency, we appreciate contacting the following number: +59170176589 

                              At VA Expeditions we believe that every action we take should generate a positive impact on the communities and the environment of our entire production chain, which is why we carry out various activities focused on this objective. An example of our sustainable projects: Visit to Native bees farms and local communities, visit to local communities that promote organic coffee production, camelid program for the conservation of Wild Vicuñas in Sajama National Park.

                              All our guests have 24/7 support for any type of emergency or eventuality. For emergencies you can contact the following number: +59170176589 . For general inquiries, you can write to us at the following email: info@valenciatravelcusco.com 

                              This depends on each itinerary, but generally is a ratio of one guide for every nine guests.

                              This depends on the type of the type of Travel insurance that the passenger has. We recommend that you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy for better care and hospital facilities.

                              The tours are carried out by an expert team that has determined the optimal times of visits to make the most of our guests' time, without rushing. All our programs are customizable, so if at any time at the destination you want to adjust the pace of the trip, you can ask your guide to reach a consensus with the whole group in case you need to make adjustments to the pace of the trip.

                              Each trip is customizable, but there may be additional restrictions and expenses in each case. We suggest contacting your sales representative for more information.

                              Yes, you can safely store any luggage at your hotel.

                              For city tours, there are public bathrooms available, in remote destinations bathroom facilities are more sparse.

                              In the mountains and remote places there is no Internet connection. Hotels and public places usually have WIFI available.

                              In cities and tourist centers you will have good telephone reception. In remote areas, there may be no cell phone reception.

                              It depends on each itinerary. Please ask your sales representative for this information.

                              We suggest that you bring a refillable water bottle or purchase bottled water if necessary. At various points on your trip there will be places where you can fill your water bottle. We include in all the programs 20 liters of water and passengers can refill their bottles with no trouble  

                              Thank you very much for your interest! You can follow us on our networks:


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