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Overview of Argentina

The geographical diversity, the adventure activities, the eclectic culture and vibrant cities, all join together to create an excellent destination for many tourists and travellers from all over the world. Reaching from Patagonia in the south at Tierra del Fuego, the most southerly point is the tiny island of "Islote Blanco" in Ushuaia. Ushuaia is a small port and a popular tourist attraction for those who want to visit the "End of the world". The country spreads to the northern tropics, The San Juan river in Jujuy is the most northern point of the country. Its water source being the rains of Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil which finally drain off into the Atlantic Ocean. The different terrains range from rugged glacial mountains to lush wetland areas, to vast pampa grasslands and even a number of beaches! This country has something for adventurers, nature lovers, culture buffs, wine connoisseurs, meat lovers, football fans and explorers alike! Argentinian people are the perfect mixture of Latin and European, with European standards, art, food and literature yet that Latin friendliness, zeal and love for life. The perfect combination that will make your visit to Argentina all the more enjoyable! 


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