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Overview of Multi-Destination

Welcome to South America 


Andean snowcaps, Amazon jungle, Patagonian glaciers, Inca ruins, colonial towns and cities, and white Sandy coastlines, are just some of the wonders of Latin America and prepare the scene for some spectacular adventures. 


Setting the scene for great adventures.

You can hike through incredible ruins and the ancient temples of the Incas; You can contemplate the mighty waterfalls of Iguazu falls or spend a day watching the wildlife from a canoe in one of the numerous igarapés (tributaries) of the Amazon river. You can mountain bike along Andean trails, go white water rafting along a class V river, surf the waves of the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, and once you have experienced all of this, you can head down to the end of the world at Tierra del Fuego, come face to face with some extraordinary creatures in the Galapagos or trek the grand Sevanna in search of a panorama from the Mesozoic era. 


Cultural treasures

The diversity of Latin America doesn't end with its geography! You can see colonial towns with their characteristic cobbled streets, golden churches and majestic plazas, which have changed very little since the 18th century. You can barter for colourful textiles in the indigenous markets, share a meal with the traditional indigenous people of the tropical jungle and feel the beat of the Afro Brazilian drums. Latin America is the home of a huge variety of ancient and modern cultures which you can experience first-hand, during your travels in these incredible countries.


 Musical life

This has to be one of the best musical destinations in the world. Nothing compares to listening to the rhythms of Colombian salsa, Brazilian Samba, Argentine tango and the Andean folk music. The seductive "milongas" (tango clubs) of Buenos Aires, las "garrafeiras" (dancehalls) of Río, las "salsatecas "(salsa clubs) of Quito, are all incredible places, follow your heart on a Saturday night. However, this is only the beginning of a musical odyssey that begins with Peruvian "trova", moving Ecuadorian "pasillos" Fast Brazilian "forró ", Venezuelan gyrating merengue Guyanese drums with the kettle drums Paraguayan harp music and more! Simply, submerge yourself in these musical delights or take a dance class along the way! 


Captivating Countryside 

From the immense snow peaks of the Andes to the flowing rivers of the Amazon, Latin America has an astonishing variety of natural wonders. This is a continent of exuberant tropical jungles, imposing volcanos, misty cloud forests, arid deserts, rocky canyons and ice-blue glaciers. After you have experienced some of the incredible natural wonders of South America, you can head to the coast in search of your own idyllic hideaway with palm tree-lined white sandy beaches and picture-perfect tropical islands. In terms of countryside, there are not many more places on the planet that offer quite the variety.





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