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Overview of Bolivia

The high elevations of the Andean mountain range, descend into the steamy tropical jungle regions of the Amazon. The one thing that Bolivia does not have is a sea border, which was taken from them by Chile during the Atacama border dispute during the war of the Pacific in 1884. Since then, Bolivia has been a landlocked country. Bolivia is a large country geographically but has a relatively low population count with just over 10 million inhabitants. These people can generally be found in the cities such as La Paz, Sucre, Santa Cruz and Potosi. A large part of the country is covered in jungle and is also the home to a wide range of animal species and the biodiversity is even greater due to the geography of the country. Bolivia is renowned as being somewhat politically unstable but has regained a certain amount of stability in recent years under the government of Morales. Bolivia is also "infamous" for its massive cocaine production and exportation. The coca leaf is legally grown in the country and it is suggested that it forms a significant, yet illegal part of the Bolivian economy. Bolivia however remains one of the most exciting places to visit in South America, which its cultural traditions still intact, its stunning mountains, Lake Titicaca, The Uyuni salt flats and The Amazon jungle. The country is a backpacker's paradise as it is really cheap to travel with lots to see and do. Life is a little more basic and rugged than in other parts of Latin America, but this naturalness only adds to the Bolivian charm and the country is still one of the safest places to visit in the Americas! 

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