Overview of The Bolivian Jungle

The amazon is a paradise for many, with its wide array of plant and animal species. Rurrenebaque is a popular stop-off point into the amazon and close by to the Madidi national park. The area can be split into Pampa and jungle tours. The Pampa area generally refers to the Beni region and is fantastic for piranha fishing, pink dolphin watching and alligator spotting, the jungle is less dense and will give you a better opportunity to see these animals in their habitat. The jungle tours are the better option for denser, thicker jungle and their respective animal species. Activities such as bird watching, macaw spotting as well as looking for monkeys, capybaras and other animals which prefer the deeper, darker jungle.

What to Do in The Bolivian Jungle


This is the gateway from the Andes to the Amazon. It is found 410 km from La Paz and is the home of the Madidi national park. Whether you want a deep jungle tour or a Pampas tour, this is the starting point to see pink river dolphins and monkeys abound, hopefully, a jaguar or two as well as other jungle animals. Take plenty of mosquito repellent! There are many options for volunteering too with jaguars and monkeys alike! 

When To Go The Bolivian Jungle