Hystory of VA Expeditions

Va Expeditions History

Va Expeditions was founded in 2009. The company came about as a dream of the Hurtado Valencia brothers to create a business venture in the world of tourism. René, a professional guide and the actual CMO of the Company, Amílcar, a philosophy student and assistant manager of the company come from a relatively large family from the province of Chumbivilcas, found 8 hours away from Cusco, Peru. The brothers had a vision to create the best possible travel agency in the city of Cusco; an agency that connects the lives of people through travel, to form a global community free of fear of the unknown and conscious about the planet. The name of the company was inspired by their mothers’ surname, Valencia, originating from Spain.

We connect our passengers through travel experiences which will transform their lives through authenticity, innovation and dedication. Our whole purpose is to offer a service that goes above and beyond the expectations of the client and which is based on excellence and high standards.

Travel History
Travel History

We started with a small office space and an enormous dream. Now our company is one of the leaders in the tourism industry and renowned for its quality of service, technology and the unique experiences that we offer.

In the words of Rene Valencia:

"Our Brand identity emerged from an idea that came about from the numerous visits to Machu Picchu working as a tour guide and Tour conductor. I had the opportunity to photograph the many archaeological sites in the area. “It is impossible to NOT ask yourself about why Machu Picchu is here. There are so many possible places that this amazing site could have been built and create an empire that controlled the territory from Chile to Ecuador.

For what unfathomable reason did the Incas decide to build this site here, given the difficulty of the geography of the region, 500 metres above the River Urubamba? My curiosity as to why these magnificent monuments and archaeological sites came about have led me to travel through most of Latin America to understand why ancient civilizations across the continent can give us the perfect insight into history, culture and the origins of ancient civilizations. These days I can combine these incredible sites with idyllic beaches, fascinating cultures, abundant rainforests and delicious cuisine, all through Central and South America and I consider myself to be lucky and blessed to have been born in this part of the world.”

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