Why Va Expeditions?

We have 15 years of designing travel itineraries for over 6000 happy travellers, throughout a number of Central and South American destinations and with 100% satisfaction!

Expand your horizons.

Transform the way you think about life, reconnect with your essence and discover a new way to see the world by immersing yourself in magnificent cultures and countries via our innovative itineraries which incorporate freedom, emotion and flexibility.

Adventure Tour with Va Expeditions
Tortuguero National Park, Rainforest, Costa Rica

Reconnect with the planet.

We have reinvented the definition of luxury to promote your well-being, by combining cultural immersion activities, with stunning destinations and experiences, specially designed to promote your physical and mental well- being, allowing you to reconnect to the essence of the real world.

Local Experiences.

It is important for us to share our local knowledge and authentic true essence of this magical region by sharing insight into local cuisine, fascinating folklore and impressive history. Immersive experiences allow you to experience hands-on the different cultures, people and ways of life of the fascinating and friendly people of Central and South America for an authentic and insightful experience.

Local Cultural Experiences in Peru
Sea lion

24/7 service

Be safe in the knowledge that we are always there for you. There is always one of our travel specialists to answer any questions you may have or help you resolve any issues…… around the clock! Send us an E mail or give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and we will happily answer any concerns you have.

100% Guaranteed departures.

At Va Expeditions, all departures are guaranteed. Once you have paid for your vacation, we will not change or cancel your trip unless your personal safety is at risk or exceptional circumstances which do not allow for the smooth running of your trip, such as extreme weather conditions or civil unrest, for example.

Explore South America Va Expeditions
Famous beautiful peak cerro torre in patagonia mountains

Best Quality Guarantee.

We are totally committed to the highest standard of service possible as we as your security and safety during your vacation. Our staff are all highly trained professionals in the travel industry who will look after you every step of the way!

We are worldwide connected!

We form part of a global community of international travellers who are socially and culturally aware. We help travellers connect and integrate with local communities during their trip, always with respect, cultural sensitivity and appreciation for a wholesome and deeper connection and fulfilling our social commitment policies.

Maranhenses National Park
Whale shark and diver Mexico Trip Explore

Responsible travel.

We travel with a focus on positive impact wherever we go! We help empower local, indigenous communities, women and children through specialized training sessions, using carefully selected service providers in each destination and direct contribution to a number of social projects in each region and country we visit. We are 100% committed to working in a socially and environmentally conscientious manner and aim to produce positive change by our presence.

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